Blank Canvas

Blank Canvas

Founded in 2011, Blank Canvas is a makeup lovers dream. With a wide collection of natural, and synthetic makeup brushes and accessories that are designed to help you get creative with your makeup look, but also create a flawless finish, they are your go to brand for professional standard brushes. 

Made with both vegan friendly properties, and high quality synthetic bristles, their products are antibacterial and easy to clean, and suitable for use with liquid, cream and powder products. They offer a range of products for the face, eyes and brows, along with 12 and 6 piece makeup sets. 

Try the bestselling Blank Canvas F20 Foundation Buffer Brush to create a smooth, flawless complexion. 

Why we chose Blank Canvas

  • They offer a range of vegan friendly brushes
  • Their brushes are anti-bacterial and super soft
  • Their brushes are super versatile and great for use with powder, liquid and cream products

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