Love Boo Baby Top to Toe Wash

Dryness and dehydration
Sensitive skin
Sulphate free
Paraben free
Safe to use in pregnancy
Plastic bottle
Product ID: 2896

About Love Boo Baby Top to Toe Wash

Only kind and gentle ingredients make it into Love Boo's Top-to-Toe Wash. Even the cleansing agent is derived from apples making it ultra-mild on your baby’s delicate skin. Blended with soothing oats and softening olive oil, it helps leave skin and hair silky, conditioned and moisturised. Keeping your cuties kissably clean!

This very gentle Top-to-Toe Wash is 97% natural and contains some of the most luxurious goodies possible. Special ingredients include olive oil, apples and oats. Only the teeniest amount of preservatives are used to protect the product from micro-spoilage once it's been opened (in other words, it protects the ingredients from germs in the atmosphere). There is also a tiny amount of perfume added to enhance the natural fragrance. (Boo Boo's special fragrance has been developed for baby's products and doesn’t contain any of the known sensitisers that can irritate babies skin.)

Directions For Use

How to use me... Rub a tummy button-sized drop onto baby’s damp skin and hair. Rinse, dry and snuggle.