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About Margaret Dabbs 3-IN-1 Shoe Freshener

An innovative, high-tech device designed to leave your footwear invigoratingly fresh and pure. 

This uniquely effective 3-in-1 Shoe Freshener uses ozone technology, a powerful disinfectant that naturally destroys bacteria, to create the perfect hygiene measure to keep your footwear fresh, clean, and odour-free. It efficiently cleans, purifies and deodorises, whilst naturally destroying harmful microorganisms and compounds. The device will efficiently neutralise odour and dry your footwear from within, preserving the shape and integrity of your shoes, trainers, boots, slippers, and even cycling helmets!

This product comes with a UK plug. 

Key benefits

  • Refreshes and purifies footwear
  • Uses ozone technology
  • Eliminates and neutralises odour without harmful chemicals
  • Inhibits growth of bacteria and micro-organisms
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Simple to use

How to use Margaret Dabbs 3-IN-1 Shoe Freshener

  1. Plug into a power supply and place into your shoes
  2. It will buzz and automatically start the ozone, heat, and drying function and run for approximately 15 minutes
  3. As long as the shoe freshener is plugged in, this cycle will continue