Slip Pure Silk Duo Skinny Scrunchies - Black & Leopard

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About Slip Pure Silk Duo Skinny Scrunchies - Black & Leopard

Silky smooth hair scrunchies, to keep your hair in check!

This set contains 2 duo pure silk hair scrunchies, in a stylish leopard print and simple black.

Made with 100% mulberry silk, and from the makers of the bestselling Slip Pillowcase, these skinny silk hair ties help to keep your hair in place without tugging, pulling, creasing or damaging your delicate hair. Created with the highest grade (6A) long fibre mulberry silk, they're exquisitely finished and longwearing. With a super smooth silky texture, they make styling your hair easy and effortless, ensuring the hair is not compromised and damaged. Ideal for all hair types and styles, these skinny scrunchies are great for a subtle finish, and they can also double up as a delicate wrist accessory when not being used!