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About Therapie Hawaiian Lava Soak

Therapeutic, deep releasing bath salts designed to restore inner balance, and relieve daily stresses. 

Made with carnelian powder crystals which support the oxygenation of muscles and helps to balance the mind and body, combined with tourmaline powder known to ground and realign the body center, and moonstone, to strengthen emotions, and promote an inner sense of calm. Ideal for use when you're feeling overwhelmed, stressed, experiencing negative thought, feeling fatigued, or suffering with hormonal symptoms, this luxury lava soak truly transforms your mind and body.  

These beautiful salts are also infused with a blend of cedar leaf, grapefruit, clary sage, geranium, armoise, frankincense, juniper berry and yuzu aroma's. 

Spark with yuzu.

Key benefits

  • Therapeutic and deep releasing bath salts
  • Designed to restore inner balance and relieve stress
  • Made with carnelian powder crystals, black tourmaline and moonstone
  • Helps improve circulation
  • Encourages a sense of peace and confidence
  • Reduces inflammation and fatigue
  • Eases cramps, and headaches
  • Helps boost fertility by easing congestion in the body
  • Provides hormonal support
  • Infused with scents of cedar leaf, grapefruit, clary sage and geranium

How to use Therapie Hawaiian Lava Soak

  1. Add two handfuls into a warm or hot bath
  2. Let it dissolve for moment
  3. Sit back and relax
  4. Can also be used for a foot bath

Ingredients in Therapie Hawaiian Lava Soak

maris sal, dimethyl sufone, magnesium sulfate, zeolite, sodium bicarbonate, boswellia carterii resin extract, pelargonium gravelens flower oil, artememisia herbs-alba oil, thuja Occidentals leaf extract, junipers communes fruit oil, citrus paradisi peel oil, citrus junks peel oil.