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About Ameliorate Intensive Skin Therapy

This multi-purpose balm is ideal for anyone suffering with extremely dry, flaking, rough and scaly skin. 

Formulated with lactic acid, it encourages the skin to renew and rejuvenate with a gentle exfoliation method. It uniquely exfoliates and moisturises to reveal softer, more hydrated skin; it also prevents moisture loss and protects the hands from dehydration for up to 24 hours. 

Key benefits

  • Non-greasy, non-petroleum balm for use all over the body
  • Uses exfoliation to soften and smooth rough skin
  • Prevents moisture loss

How to use Ameliorate Intensive Skin Therapy

  1. Massage the balm into any area suffering with dryness, massage until fully absorbed
  2. For excessively dry skin, apply a thick layer and leave overnight to absorb