Product ID: 9117

About Compagnie De Provence Fragrance Diffuser Mint Basil

A stylish and decorative fragrance diffuser created in the French town of Grasse - known as the world capital of perfumery, designed to infuse your living space with refreshing scents of mint and basil, creating a captivating and energising atmosphere.

Offering a unique olfactory experience, the highly concentrated fragrance has been formulated with high-quality aromatic oils to create a dynamic and uplifting fragrance, helping to energise and rejuvenate your space. Housed in a glass bottle, the diffuser reeds release notes of mint and invigorating mandarin orange combined with the optimistic scent of rosemary and eucalyptus, offering an enticing and refreshing fragrance experience.

Ingredients in Compagnie De Provence Fragrance Diffuser Mint Basil

Eucalyptol, Citronellol.