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About Guam Microcellulaire Mature Skin Moisturiser

Guam Microcellulaire especially for mature skin is a smooth, rich cream with a highbio-yeld, the delivery system (time release action) of its active ingredients restructures the skin’s texture, visibly reducing wrinkles, and contrasts skin aging. With daily use, the skin appears more nourished and compact, and the face contour is more defined, with a more uniform colour.

Directions For Use

Apply a light layer on face and neck with a light massage, until completely absorbed.

Ingredients in Guam Microcellulaire Mature Skin Moisturiser

hydrating marine complexe (phytoplankton andaqua madre):for a deep and long-lasting moisture.soya iso-flavonoids:for a progressive stimulation of skin functions, which arereduced because of hormonal imbalance. regeneratesextra-cellular matrix (collagen-elastine).wheat bran rich in arabinoxilan:anti-wrinkles action.illuminating complexe:lightening and anti-spotting synergy for a smooth colour.sun filters :protective action against uv-rays (photo-ageing).