HAYO'U Beauty Restorer Lite - Jade Facial Massage Tool for Delicate Skin

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About HAYO'U Beauty Restorer Lite - Jade Facial Massage Tool for Delicate Skin

Rejuvenate sensitive and mature complexions the gentle way with this ultra-slimline facial massage tool.  

Rooted in ancient Chinese techniques, this daily massage ritual helps to enliven the complexion, reduce the signs of ageing and create a moment of calm. The unique shape of the Beauty Restorer is carefully designed to target acupressure points on your face, such as the bridge of your nose to relieve stress and headaches. 

Made from 100% Xiuyan jade, the number 1 beauty crystal revered for its restorative properties.

What is Gua Sha

Roughly translated 'Gua' means to press stroke and 'Sha' means redness. This ancient technique is older than acupuncture and is designed to encourage your own skin's circulation, bringing in nutrients and boosting collagen for a more deep and meaningful way to improve your skin health than applying creams and serums. The stress relieving action also provides a massage to aching muscles and releases areas of tension.

Directions For Use

Use in the shower or with an oil using HAYO'U's  massage ritual. Work on your neck before your face to open up the lymphatic drainage. Start from behind your ears use downward strokes down your neck.  

Do not perform Gua Sha directly onto dry skin. Go slow to start and stop if it becomes uncomfortable. Remember your skin will turn red as the circulation is boosted to this area but it should feel like a relaxing massage and not at any point painful. 

Cleanse tool after use with soap, face cleanser or water. Do not us on spine and throat. 

Acne - Do not use directly over affected areas but can work around spots to encourage circulation and self healing.

Rosacea or skin exposed to chemotherapy - Do not use press strokes but the Beauty Restorer can be stored in the fridge and then rested on face to cool.   

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