ilapothecary Beat the Blues Drops of Gold


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About ilapothecary Beat the Blues Drops of Gold

Beat the blues with this homeopathic remedy, designed to bring balance, optimisim and strength to your wellbeing. 

Perfect for use if you're feeling a little low, having negative thoughts, feeling anxious or loosing focus, it uses a potent blend of natural ingredients to instantly bring you peace. It uses a soothing blend of pulsatilla, gelsemium and nat mur, all of which help balance the emotions, reduce feelings of anxiety and grief, and st john's wort and saffron to boost moods, improve memory and promote a feeling of optimism. Finally aurum metallicum (gold), is used to nurture the emotional center in our minds and helps to reconnect and promote a sense of joy. 

Ilapothecary's Remedy 27 is about believing in yourself and listening to your intuition. 

Key benefits

  • Uplifts the mind
  • Aids inner balance
  • Promotes energy and positivity
  • Helps reduce feeling of anxiety and grief
  • 100% natural
  • Vegan friendly

How to use ilapothecary Beat the Blues Drops of Gold

  1. Place 3-5 drops under the tongue
  2. Alternatively, add 3-5 drops to a glass of water
  3. Can be used 2-3 times per day

*This product is not meant to replace prescribed chemical antidepressants, but to help uplift those in need of support and to help reconnect with the positive aspects of life. Not recommended for anyone under the age of 18. Avoid use if diabetic, pregnant or on medication.

Ingredients in ilapothecary Beat the Blues Drops of Gold

Aurum Metallicum (Gold) 30C*, Homeopathic Pulsatilla 30C*, Natrum Muriaticum 30C*, Homeopathic Gelsemium 30C*, Crocus Stavius Stigma powder (Saffron), Hypericum Perforatum, Glycerin. * Homeopathic ingredients are diluted with organic grain Ethanol and Aqua.

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