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About Kalmar Peace Balm Of Serenity

Create a sense of inner peace with this pulse point balm, designed to help you focus your mind and remain calm, wherever you are. 

Peace Balm for Serenity enables you to pause, deeply relax and quieten your mind, all with the power of aroma's. Featuring a beautiful, blissful blend of vetiver, frankincense, bergamot, musk, amber, benzoin and rich green moss, it encourages you to breathe deeper, focus your mind and relax the senses, so you can get on with your day, being the best possible you. Ideal for rubbing on your pulse points in moments of need, it's travel friendly, and makes the ideal well being treat for yourself, or someone special. 

Key benefits

  • Can be applied to pulse points to relax your mind 
  • Helps you to breathe deeper and feel calmer
  • Promotes better focus, and positivity 
  • Can be used as a solid perfume

How to use Kalmar Peace Balm of Serenity

  1. Apply to dry skin on pulse points, like wrists, neck and behind the ears
  2. Use whenever you're feeling stressed, experiencing a lack of focus, or simply when you need to breathe deeper

About the Kalmar brand

Designed to bring you inner peace, and promote a sense of well being, Kalmar's beauty collection pride themselves on tapping into all of your senses to make you feel better. With a range of body oils, creams and candles, all infused with an array of fragrances that each compliment each other, they aim to promote a sense of joy, peace, calm and love. 


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