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About Aromatherapy Associates No Rinse Hand Sanitiser Gel Cleanser

A 70% alcohol based hand sanitizer, ideal for use when you don't have access to running water.

With a no-rinse, anti-bacterial formula it sanitizes the hands instantly, leaving no sticky residue. Formulated with a gentle yet powerful blend of tea tree, eucalyptus and pine essential oils, it both cleanses the skin and refreshes the senses. With not only anti-bacterial properties, but theraputic benefits too, its non-greasy, fast absorbing blend leaves the hands cleaned and cared for, and your senses uplifted and revived.

Key benefits

  • 70% alcohol
  • Anti-bacterial blend to clean and refresh
  • No-rinse formula
  • Doesn't dry the skin
  • Uplifts and revives the senses
  • Great for on the go

How to use Aromatherapy Associates No Rinse Hand Sanitiser Cleanser

  1. When soap and water are unavailable, apply a few drops directly to the hands
  2. Massage into hands and fingers
  3. Inhale the therapeutic aromas
  4. No need to rinse

Ingredients in Aromatherapy Associates No Rinse Hand Sanitiser Gel Cleanser

70% alcohol.