Aromatherapy Associates Sleep Collection

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About Aromatherapy Associates Sleep Collection

Create a tranquil space after a long day and drift off into a peaceful nights sleep with Aromatherapy Associates Sleep Collection.

A careful selection of deeply relaxing essential oils, including vetivert, camomile and sandalwood, lend their soothing powers to the Deep Relax collection, helping to slow a racing mind, unwind from the stresses of the day and prepare you for a night of undisturbed,restorative sleep. 

Relax Room Fragrance has warming notes of West Indian bay, soft floral notes of geranium and the grounding aroma of myrrh to create a peaceful and soothing environment.

Give the gift of a restful nights sleep.


  • Deep Relax Sleep Mist - 10ml
  • Relax Room Fragrance - 10ml
  • Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil - 9ml.