Evo Hank Ceramic Radial Brush

Product ID: 2173

About Evo Hank Ceramic Radial Brush

Ideal for all hair types, except fine and delicate, this ceramic styling brush is designed to boost volume whilst you blow dry. 

Featuring vent holes in the wooden barrel, it helps heat to circulate so drying time is sped up; the ionic nylon bristles also help to reduce frizz, smooth and make the hair more manageable. 

All three sizes of the Hank Brushes are ideal for all hair types, just not particularly fine, weak hair. 

Key benefits

  • Creates volume and bounce
  • Speeds up drying time
  • Smooths and reduces frizz

How to use Evo Hank Ceramic Radial Brush

  1. Blow dry hair until it is almost dry
  2. Use small sections, and place the brush at the root
  3. Direct heat at the barrel, and maintain tension as you move the brush through the hair