Mauli Rituals Strength & Spirit Alchemy

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About Mauli Rituals Strength & Spirit Alchemy

Those with a Kapha energy are calm, reliable and nurturing but this can be draining and leave you feeling heavy, low and depleted. This powered blend has been formulated to restore strength and spirit by correcting the imbalance, boosting metabolism, stabilising blood sugar levels and strengthening the immune system. 
Know Your Dosha
Mauli Rituals remedies are inspired by the ancient ayurveda idea that health exists when the three dosha's in the body are in balance. These comprise of: 
Pitta - Fire and water - The fiery element controls emotion, heat and digestion. 
Kapha - Earth and water - The watery element, also known as the nourishing element, makes up all the soft organs of the body. 
Vata - Air and ether - This airy element controls all movement in the the body and therefore pain is the sign of an imbalanced Vata 
Your dosha can change depending on lifestyle, age and extenal influences, for ultimate wellbeing it is important to keep your dosha's in balance to support your healing, physical and emotional needs.
Mauli Rituals are inspired by the active healing powers and exquisite scents found in India's natural ingredients to provide beautiful luxury products formulated to rejuvenate the body and soothe the mind.

Directions For Use

Sprinkle a teaspoon on to food or mix into drinks.

Ingredients in Mauli Rituals Strength & Spirit Alchemy

Ashwaghanda (withania somnifera), moringa (moringa oleifera), nagarmotha (cypres rotundus), manjistha (rubia cordifolia), tumeric (curcuma longa)