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About Neom Bedtime Hero Pillow Mist

Encourage a deep and restful sleep with this bedtime hero!

Infused with a beautiful blend of 11 pure essential oils, this relaxing pillow mist helps you to unwind, relax and fall into a peaceful slumber. Using cedarwood, ylang ylang and chamomile, it creates a tranquil environment, whilst easing tension, reducing stress and preparing you for sleep. Perfect for use every night on your pillow, bedding or in the air, it instantly creates a calming and tranquil ambience. 

Key benefits

  • Promotes sleep
  • Aids relaxation
  • Infused with 11 pure essential oils
  • Ideal for spritzing on the pillow, bedding, or in the air
  • 20ml bottle can last up to 3 months 
  • 100% natural

How to use Neom Bedtime Hero Pillow Mist

  1. Spritz over your pillow or duvet before going to sleep
  2. Can be used directly on fabrics or spritzed in the air