Noble Isle Pinewood Fine Fragrance Candle

Product ID: 7017

About Noble Isle Pinewood Fine Fragrance Candle

Bring the beautiful, wintery forest scents indoors with this earthy, woody, and green scented candle. 

Bursting with the refreshing scent of pinewood from the morary forest, this luxury candle is perfect for use in any room, whether you're unwinding in a warm bath, clearing your mind in your bedroom, or refreshing your kitchen, this wintery candle is the perfect home fragrance. Noble Isle's luxury home fragrance collections are made in England, finished by hand, and impart ambience and inspiring scent to any room. Each candle is steeped in Noble Isle fine fragrance, filling the room with evocative scents, truly capturing the memorable scents of the British Isles.

Key benefits

  • Made in the UK
  • Makes the ideal gift 
  • Features the wintery scent of pinewood
  • Refreshes and cleanses 
  • Vegan and cruelty free