Therapie Desktop Rescue Set

Product ID: 8098

About Therapie Desktop Rescue Set

This reviving, uplifting and renewing duo has been designed to bring you clarity, clear the mind, and revive the senses. 

Featuring the award-winning Therapie Crystal Clear Smelling Salts, which help to clear mental fog, and promote clarity and focus, and the restoring aura spray, a mist designed to be inhaled, and ideal for refreshing and resetting the mind in moments of anxiety, tiredness or lack of concentration. Perfect as a desktop duo, travel companion, or gift, these two complimentary products bring you back to your best self, wherever you are!


Key benefits

  • Reviving and restoring duo for the mind and body
  • Contains smelling salts, and an uplifting aura spray
  • Ideal for clearing mental fog
  • Helps boost concentration and creativity
  • Relieves feelings of stress and fatigue
  • Ideal for use at work, for travel, or at home
  • Makes a great gift