Therapie Energy Drops

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About Therapie Energy Drops

Energising drops designed to kick-start the mind, help you re-focus and gain more energy.

Ideal for reducing mental fog and forgetfulness, increasing focus and clarity and easing feelings of anxiety and tension, they can be applied to the hands and simply inhaled. Combining notes of sweet basil, lemon and fir needle to uplift, rose otto, gernaium and ylang ylang to help balance emotions, and frankincense and peppermint to clarify the mind. Great for promoting self-love, boosting confidence and creativity, and bringing back your spark!

Key benefits

  • Energising drops 
  • Designed to be inhaled in the hands
  • Promotes focus, concentration and boosts energy
  • Great for relieving tension and anxiety
  • Promotes confidence and creativity
  • Perfect for a kick pick-me up
  • Infused with lemon, sweet basil and rose scents

How to use Therapie Energy Drops

  1. Place a drop on palms
  2. Rub together then hold over nose
  3. Take 3-5 deep slow breaths to activate the brain's limbic system
  4. Use whenever needed


Ingredients in Therapie Energy Drops

carthamus tinctorius seed oil, caprylic/capric triglyceride, citrus reticulate peel oil, babies alba needle oil, pelargonium roseum leaf oil, rosmarinus offinalis leaf extract, citrus lemon peel oil, melaleuca viridiflora leaf oil, caning odonata flower oil, menthe arvensis lead oil, Turner diffuse flower/ lead/ stem oil, artemisia pallets flower oil, ocimum tenuiflorum oil, boswellia carterii oil, ocimum basilicum oil, rosa damascene flower oil.