A'kin Unscented Wheat Free Very Gentle Conditioner

Liquid and water
Hair type:
Dry hair
Hair Concern:
Sensitive scalp
Plastic bottle
Product ID: 182

About A'kin Unscented Wheat Free Very Gentle Conditioner

Formulated especially for those prone to sensitivity, this unscented conditioner gently nourishes the hair, locking in moisture.
The mild, pH neutral formula soothes the scalp and helps to relieve irritation with regular use. The natural formula is packed with botanical extracts including organic Australian macadamia nut, jojoba and avocado oils to soften and repair damaged hair. Vitamin B5 rebuilds damaged hair shafts and oat proteins replenish and intensely soften the hair, leaving it smooth and shiny.
Suitable for regular use for those prone to allergies, have skin sensitivity or fragile scalps. Also suitable for babies.

Directions For Use

After shampooing the hair, apply conditioner massaging gently into the scalp & hair. Leave for several minutes to allow the nourishing ingredients to penetrate. Rinse thoroughly. Style as usual.

Ingredients in A'kin Unscented Wheat Free Very Gentle Conditioner

oat protein – for deep penetration & moisture locking, this soothing protein helps calm the scalp. recommended by dermatologists to help soothe irritated skins. certified organic shea butter – intensely moisturising & protecting.australian certified organic avocado oil – rich in vitamins a & d and potassium, rapidly absorbed to soothe the most sensitive of skin.australian macadamia nut oil – similar to natural skin make-up, rapidly absorbed leaving skin smooth and non greasy.australian jojoba oil – rapidly penetrates skin & hair follicles, helping to reduce moisture loss, keeping skin & scalp soft and supple.