Alpha H Absolute Lip Perfector

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Product Formulation:
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Fine lines and wrinkles
Thinning lips
Sun Care:
Lip sunscreen;
Product ID: 216

About Alpha H Absolute Lip Perfector

With cooling peppermint and wild mint extracts, this perfecting lip treatment nourishes, protects and plumps lips giving a fuller appearance.

Contains 2% Hilurlip - a blend of hyaluronic acid and collagen-boosting tripeptide-1 to reduce signs of aging around the lip area and minimise fine vertical lines, leading to a more supple and firmer lip contour. Alongside antioxidant and anti-inflammatory zinc oxide to protect against UVA and UVB rays and conditioning beeswax, the formula penetrates deep into the delicate lip tissue to increase lip volume and aid moisture retention.

As well as being an excellent everyday protector against environmental aggressors, Absolute Lip Perfector also works well as a powerful night time anti-ageing treatment. When applied before bedtime the result is increased lip volume and supple, moisturised lips upon waking.
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Directions For Use

Apply directly to the lips as required. Apply under a lipstick as a conditioning and plumping base or on its own to nourish, protect and impart a subtle sheen. Apply at night as an overnight lip plumper and hydrator.