Amanda Harrington Body Set Natural Olive

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About Amanda Harrington Body Set Natural Olive

A 3 step body tanning kit for a beautiful, sunless glow. 

Ideal for anyone with a natural olive skin tone wanting a beautiful radiant tan, this kit contains an illuminating, softening moisturiser which helps build up a subtle, natural gradual tan, an instant bronzing mousse with a lightweight formula and long lasting colour, a big body brush to aid a streak free application and a pair of black application gloves. Featuring everything you need to keep skin soft, hydrated, and with a deep and natural tan, this tanning body set is must-have!

Amanda Harrington's shade Natural Olive is designed for anyone with a darker skin tone, with a slight green or red undertone, typically Mediterranean, tans easily and rarely burns. 


Key benefits

  • 3-step tanning kit for natural olive skin tones
  • Contains a gradual tanner, bronzing body mousse and body brush applicator
  • Keeps skin soft, hydrated and with a deep, radiant sunless glow
  • Made in the UK