Aromatherapy Associates Essential Bath & Shower Oils

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About Aromatherapy Associates Essential Bath & Shower Oils

Feel the powerful benefits of aromatherapy oils with this bestselling trio of bath and shower oils. 

With carefully selected and blended essential oils, Aromatherapy Associates have formulated luxurious bathing experiences to transform the way you feel. This exquisite set features Deep Relax, a soothing and sleep inducing blend, De-Stress Mind, a blend to help re-focus and calm a racing mind, and Revive Morning, an energy boosting fusion to awaken the senses. No matter what your mood, there is a luxury oil to help ease daily stresses and create an overall sense of well being. 


 Key benefits

  • Trio of bestselling oils
  • Helps to de-stress, relax and revive
  • Can be used in the bath or shower
  • Travel and vegan friendly

How to use Aromatherapy Associates Bath & Shower Oils

  1. Before stepping into the shower or bath, apply a small amount to hands
  2. Massage over dry skin, concentrating mostly on the torso
  3. Cup the hands and inhale deeply three times
  4. Step into a warm bath or shower
  5. Each bottle allows for up to three uses