Blank Canvas 12 Piece Rose Gold Black Set Dimension Series

Product ID: 6615

About Blank Canvas 12 Piece Rose Gold Black Set Dimension Series

Transform your makeup routine with this luxury 12 piece starter brush set, perfect for any makeup fanatic. 

Featuring a collection of vegan friendly synthetic brushes for the face, eyes and lips, it helps create a flawless makeup look. With super soft, high quality brushes, it applies, blends, stipples and sets powder, liquid and cream products, allowing you to get creative with your looks and get a professional, elegant look. 


Face Brushes

  • F34 Large Powder/Bronzer Brush
  • F20 Buffer Brush
  • F33 Extreme Contour Brush
  • F27 Painter Style Foundation Brush
  • F36 Round Blush/Foundation Brush
  • F19 Tapered/Contour Pencil Brush

Eye/Lip Brushes

  • E12 Pencil
  • E04 Short Flat Shader
  • E01 Eye Blending Brush
  • E05 Angled Eye Blender
  • E06 Double Ended Brow/Spoolie
  • E07 Lip/Detailer Brush

About Blank Canvas

Founded in 2011, Blank Canvas offer a collection of professional standard makeup brushes and tools to help you create a flawless finish. Made with vegan friendly, high quality synthetic bristles, their brushes are super soft and easy to clean, and they also offer a collection of starter and travel kits.