Blank Canvas Magnimarble Gift Set

Product ID: 6616

About Blank Canvas Magnimarble Gift Set

This luxurious 10 piece makeup brush set makes the ideal gift for any makeup fanatic. Displayed in a limited edition magnetic frame holder, it would look perfect on a dressing table or makeup unit, and contains all you need for any makeup style or look. 

Contains 10 magnetic brushes for the face and eyes, made from natural and synthetic bristles, they offer professional makeup results. 

Face Brushes

  • MF56 Medium Buffer: Perfect to use with liquid, cream or powder products such as concealer/contour/highlight
  • MF08 Dome Buffing Brush: Ideal for foundation/blush/contour application
  • MF38 Duo Fibre Face Brush: Ideal for sculpting, contouring, blending and highlighting the face
  • MF35 Small Angled Edge Face Brush: Use to apply or blend concealer, foundation, cream contour, and powder products
  • MF47 Medium Powder Brush: Ideal to use as a finishing brush for application of blush/powder
  • MF22 Jumbo Buffer: Ideal for buffing concealer/foundation to smaller areas
  • MF48 Flat Concealer Brush: Use with cream or liquid products

Eye Brushes

  • ME45 Duo Fibre Eye Blender: Amazing eyeshadow blending brush. Great for concealer too.
  • ME11 Brow/Liner Brush: Perfect for brow grooming or applying liner to the lash line; great with powder/gel/cream product
  • ME04 Flat Shader: Ideal for applying or shading product, also great for applying lip products

About Blank Canvas Brand

Founded in 2011, Blank Canvas is a haven for makeup lovers. With a wide collection of brushes, accessories, and tools, they have all you need to create any look.