Dr. Hauschka

The foundations of the Dr. Hauschka brand are based on the natural rhythms of our world, dark and light, warmth and cold, movement and rest, and how these can effect our skin and sense of well being. Made with medicinal plants and certified organic ingredients, their products have been designed to work in synergy with our bodies natural rhythms, and they offer soothing, balancing, and active skin care for all skin types and all ages. 

Dr. Hauschka are big on their beliefs and values, only opting for natural and organic ingredients that are ethically sourced, and sticking by the idea that 'people need two kinds of beauty, inner and outer', they are at the forefront of natural cosmetics. Try their bestselling Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream, a protective, transformative cream. 

Why we chose Dr. Hauschka

  • Their products are designed to work in synergy with our bodies natural rhythms
  • They use bio dynamic farming, and only use natural and certified organic ingredients
  • Their products are kind to the skin, not tested on animals, and are are free from synthetics

Dr. Hauschka Best Sellers

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