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Klorane is a French brand founded in 1966 by pharmacist Pierre Fabre, who worked closely with botanists, dermatologists and scientists to develop products that are both effective and safe for all skin and hair types.

The brand specialise in plant-based hair and skincare products and have a strong commitment to sustainability. Many of their products are formulated with organic or sustainably sourced ingredients and are housed in eco-friendly packaging. 

Klorane is a well-respected brand that combines natural ingredients, sustainability, and scientific research to create high-quality hair and skincare products.

Why we chose Klorane:

  • They are passionate about sustainability and reducing environmental impact
  • They offer products for all skin and hair types
  • They are committed to revealing the virtues and benefits of the plant world, while preserving it at the same time.

25% off Klorane

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