Taking inspiration from their roots, Korres infuses each of their products with Greek inspired ingredients to create a natural range that is not only kind to the skin, but also to the environment. 

Featuring a targeted collection of nourishing products that are bursting with unique aromas, they offer a range for almost every skincare need. With their renowned brightening Wild Rose collection, and the ultra soothing Yogurt infused products, they have your skin care needs covered. Shop the newly launched Korres Skincare here, and try their award winning Greek Yoghurt range. 

Best known for their zesty Showergels, why not try Basil Lemon for an invigorating shower experience, or Guava to soften and moisturise even the most delicate skin.

Why we chose Korres:

  • Quality - Korres develop, test and inspire the cosmetic industry
  • Innovation - Their vast selection of ingredients is never ending. 
  • Eco - not only do they develop products that are friendly to all skin types, they are also kind to the environment!

Korres Best Sellers

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