Merkur & Dovo Solingen

Combining long-standing tradition with modern design, Merkur & Dovo have been producing traditional straight razors, safety razors and scissors in Solingen, Germany since 1906. Each razor has been meticulously engineered by skilled craftsmen to meet the high expectations of the discerning Merkur & Dovo clientele. 

With a variety of Safety Razors, Shaving Sets and Accessorises, Merkur & Dovo Solingen have a range of male grooming products to suit all needs.

Merkur & Dovo Solingen Bestsellers:

Merkur & Dovo 4-Piece Futur Shaving Set and Merkur & Dovo Futur Razor.

Merkur & Dovo Solingen Best Sellers

Merkur & Dovo Solingen Product Ranges

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