Elequra Rose Quartz Sculpting Tool

Product ID: 6110

About Elequra Rose Quartz Sculpting Tool

Offering a more controlled, multi-functional and effective application than a facial roller, this Rose Quartz Sculpting Tool helps to smooth, sculpt and promote circulation. 

Elequra used Rose quartz as it has a hexagonal, linear and tight crystal structure, allowing it to both retain heat and cool effectively. Including temperature in your skincare routine helps to increase absorption levels, whilst de-puffing, smoothing and firming the complexion. 

Ideal for all skin types, this unique tool can be used in conjunction with your regular products. 

Key benefits:

  • Promotes natural circulation
  • Sculpts & promotes radiance
  • Reduces puffiness

Directions for Use:

For best results we recommend using this daily for a minimum of 2 minutes with moderate pressure. You can leave it in the fridge or on a warm surface to make it cool or warm before use.

  1. Apply your daily serum or moisturiser
  2. Use small end starting between the brows to sweep outwards and down along the brow line.
  3. Use small end starting underneath the eye in outward motions towards the temple.
  4. Use long side on the forehead and sweep in outwards motions and then in upwards motions, starting in the middle.
  5. Use long side on the cheekbones starting next to the nose with outward sweeping motions towards the temples.
  6. Use long side next to the mouth in outward sweeping motions.
  7. Use large end on the jaw, starting at the centre of the chin and moving out upwards.
  8. Use long side on the neck in outwards sweeping motions starting from underneath the chin moving downward