Evo Truman Tail Comb

Suitable for:
Brushes and combs;
Product ID: 2197

About Evo Truman Tail Comb

A versatile tail comb, ideal for sectioning while styling, teasing and backcombing. The Evo Truman Tail Comb is made from natural wood, which lends an anti-static property to smooth and polish the hair while styling.

The long handle is ideal for sectioning the hair, and can be used for up-styling, roller setting and pin curling, making Truman a real multi-tasker. Suitable for all hair types, but particularly suited to short to medium length hair.

Directions For Use

Comb through while styling to keep hair in place. Truman can be occasionally washed in soapy water, but avoid soaking or getting wet for long periods of time.