Guam Fangocrema Giorno Anti-Cellulite Cream

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About Guam Fangocrema Giorno Anti-Cellulite Cream

This mud-based treatment cream contains the patented Guam seaweed formula blended with phyto-extracts, caffeine and vitamin E. It has been shown to reduce cellulite nodules, adipose fatty tissue, increase circulation and drain toxins from the body.

Ideal for reducing the appearance of body fat and cellulite, it helps to sculpt, tighten and smooth sagging skin by eliminating local fat deposits. With a light texture, it can be easily massage into the skin, helping to improve blood microcirculation, deeply nourish, improve elasticity and improve metabolism in the fat cells, creating a draining effect on the skin. 

Infused with algae extract which is rich in iodine, iron and alginic acid, combined with siloxanetriol caffeine and methyl nicotinate to improve microcirculation.  

Key benefits

  • Helps to reduce the appearance of body fat and sculpts
  • Reduces fat deposits and tightens sagging skin
  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Improves micro circulation 
  • Softens and moisturises

How to use Guam Fangocrema Giorno Anti-Cellulite Cream

  1. Massage onto the skin until fully absorbed
  2. Expect a heating sensation and reddening effect as a result of increased circulation

About Guam

Ethically sourced - Guam is ethically hand harvested every May and left to dry on the shores throughout the summer.

Eco friendly - Guam is allocated a quota of the amount of seaweed allowed to harvest each year in order to protect the environment (government guidelines)

Vegan & Natural - Guam seaweed is harvested from non-contaminated waters. These waters are controlled to avoid contamination.

· Guam seaweed for detox/ eliminate water retention is naturally draining.

· Guam Seaweed for cellulite naturally work in the sub-cutaneous level of the skin targeting the root cause.

· Guam Seaweed for slimming has the added GUAM Far Infrared Ray technology to dissolve fat as far as 3cm deep into the skin.

Ingredients in Guam Fangocrema Giorno Anti-Cellulite Cream

Warning contains Peanut Oil