invisibobble ORIGINAL Pretzel Brown

Hair Concern:
Breakage and split ends
Hair Concern:
Heat and styling damage
Made in the UK
Suitable for:
Styling tools
Product ID: 2582

About invisibobble ORIGINAL Pretzel Brown

A delicious rich brown to blend into brunette or keep that colour scheme neutral.

The original invisible hair ring for securing styles with no tugging, pulling or kinks, Invisibobble Original is made from a revolutionary spiral design which offers strong hold without straining the hair. Keep one handy on your wrist for effortless styling wherever you might be. Made from waterproof material meaning it stays completely dry, and you can forget about soggy hair ties.

Directions For Use

Keep Invisibobble handy for those hair updo emergencies. Doubles as a stylish bracelet when not in use. If Invisibobble loses its shape, pour hot water on top to make the spiral spring back to its original position.