Kalmar Calm Deep Cocoon Shower Cream

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About Kalmar Calm Deep Cocoon Shower Cream

Cocoon yourself in a de-stressing, nourishing shower with this calming shower cream.

Infused with relaxing scents of bergamot, lavender, iris, violet, frankincense, amber and musk, it instantly softens the skin and brings stillness to the even the most racing of minds. With powdery notes from voilet, and soothing aroma's from lavender, it can help to ease anxiety, release tension and clear the mind, all whilst softening the skin. Perfect as a relaxing treat yourself, or for someone special, it's guaranteed to promote a sense of well being and balance. 

Key benefits

  • Calms the mind
  • Eases feelings of anxiety
  • Softens and hydrates the skin
  • Lightly fragrances the skin

How to use Kalmar Calm Deep Cocoon Shower Cream

  1. Apply a generous amount to damp skin in the bath or shower
  2. Massage in circular motions to generate a creamy foam
  3. Rinse thoroughly

About the Kalmar brand

Infused with aroma's to promote a sense of joy, peace, calm and love, Kalmar's range of beauty products ooze self-care. With body oils, creams and candles, their products help to calm, re-balance, uplift and relieve stress, making them the ideal well being brand. They aim to give you power to connect to a moment of sacredness and change the way you feel every day through self-care, intention and discovery. 

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