Kalmar Calm Scented Candle

Free Peace Balm of Serenity (worth £40) with every Kalmar order
Free Peace Balm of Serenity (worth £40) with every Kalmar order
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About Kalmar Calm Scented Candle

Bring calm and balance to your home with this soothing scented candle. 

Designed to promote a sense of stillness and relaxation, it uses a blend of bergamot, herbal lavender, iris. violet, vetiver, frankincense, amber and musk to comfort the senses and ease feelings of anxiety. Perfect for use in a bedroom or bathroom, its beautiful aroma's instantly bring stillness and calm, allowing you to breathe deeper and relax. Perfect as a treat for yourself, or someone special, it helps to promote self-care and an overall sense of wellness. 

Key benefits

  • Calming and soothing 
  • Eases tension and feelings of anxiety
  • Perfect for use in the bedroom or bathroom

How to use Kalmar Love Scented Candle

  1. Burn time is approximately 45 hours
  2. Always trim the wick before lighting to ensure the candle burns clean and evenly

About the Kalmar brand

Designed to promote feelings of joy, peace, calm and love, Kalmar's collection of beauty products have been created to encourage self-care and wellness. Based on the senses, it uses carefully selected fragrance blends to re-balance, uplift, calm and energise the mind and body and offers a selection of luxury body creams, oils and candles.