Margaret Dabbs Foot File with 2 Replacement Pads

Rough skin
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About Margaret Dabbs Foot File with 2 Replacement Pads

The Margaret Dabbs Professional Foot File is perfect for removing hard skin from the feet effectively and safely and is suitable for both men and women. 

Ideal for use on hard, thick and stubborn skin on the feet and heels, it allows you to give yourself a spa like pedicure from your own home. Using compressed crystal technology pads, which are the most hygienic and long lasting files, it instantly works at gently removing dead skin quickly and smoothly and is ideally used on dry skin for best results. 


    • Removes the build-up of flaky, scaly and hard skin
    • Reduces cracking and callus'
    • Removes skin finely and evenly without causing irritation 
    • Smooths and resurfaces rough skin
Featuring a long stainless steel body and handle for easy use, and two replacement pads, it is slim and elegant making it fit perfectly into your beauty regime whether it be in the winter or summer. To ensure skin is kept soft and hydrated after filing, use Intensive Treatment Foot Oil to totally pamper the skin. 

About Margaret Dabbs Brand

Offering a luxurious range of foot and hand care, Margaret Dabbs is the brand to go for the perfect salon treatment feeling. Founded by a fully trained Podiatrist in 1998, its core values are to produce luxurious, innovative and effective products that leave you with beautiful, healthy feet and nails. Offering everything from exfoliating treatments, washes, moisturisers and tools, it really has everything to care and protect. With professional spa treatments and clinics, and at-home products, it takes foot and nail care into the prestigious beauty market. 

Directions For Use

File areas of thickened or calloused skin, filing towards the mid line of the foot. To obtain best results, use on dry skin once a week. Do not use on broken or irritated skin. Clean the file with soapy water and dab dry. To change worn pads, peel back used pad and replace with new self-adhesive replacement, pressing firmly into position on the file. Do not immerse or leave foot file in water.