Margaret Dabbs Pure Feet Regenerating Oil

Product ID: 6595

About Margaret Dabbs Pure Feet Regenerating Oil

This silky foot spray is an oil treatment aimed at repairing and regenerating damaged, dry and flaky feet. The vegan friendly formula is packed full of nutrient rich oils to protect and soothe the skin on your feet. The calendula in the formula acts as a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial ingredient.

The convenient spray bottle makes the application easy and quick, and the nourishing formula absorbs quickly and easily. aiming to leave the skin with a healthy, natural glow. Suitable for all skin types, diabetics and through pregnancy.

Key benefits

  • Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial to prevent from infection
  • Soothes, and protects dry, cracked heels
  • Refreshing scent of bergamot and petitgrain
  • Lightweight spray that is easily absorbed

How to use Margaret Dabbs Pure Feet Regenerating Foot Oil

  1. Spray a small amount all over the feet
  2. Massage the oil into the skin until fully absorbed
  3. For bests results use daily