Merkur & Dovo Beard & Moustache Chrome Plated Razor

Product ID: 7548

About Merkur & Dovo Beard & Moustache Chrome Plated Razor

This chrome plated, three-piece double edged razor has been designed to shave intricate areas around the beard and moustache. 

Featuring an innovative design that is made up for two parts, the head and handle, allowing a price and close shave around the moustache, sideburns and beard. With a lightweight design and longer handle its easy to use and allows for accurate and tidy shaving - it's also great for shaping eyebrows too!

Razor length - 75mm

Head measurements - 25 mm x 20mm x 8mm

Key benefits

  • Designed to beards, moustaches, sideburns and eyebrows
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Allows for precise shaping and intricate shaving
  • Chrome plated
  • 2 piece razor and handle
  • Made in Germany
  • 1 blade is included