Neom Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser

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About Neom Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser

The future of home fragrancing just got brighter with the new and improved Neom iconic Pod Diffuser. The signature white ceramic cover now complements an upcycled light wood base, touch sensitive display, breathing mode and much more!

Indulge your well being needs with Neom's luxury essential oil diffuser, designed to fill your home with natural essential oil aroma's that can help promote sleep, de-stress, and lift your mood. With an elegant white domed cover and rose gold accents, it makes a stylish addition to your home, whether it's in your bedroom, bathroom, hallway, lounge or kitchen, it creates a calming ambiance.

Ideal for use with any pure aromatherapy essential oil depending on your needs and mood, it works at the touch of a button, humidifying the air and diffusing a heat-less mist of fine scented vapour that fills your home, and envelops your senses so you're left feeling calmer, happier and with an overall sense of well being. It also features a low energy LED light which can be used whilst in use, or as a night light to create a relaxing, calm environment. 

Key benefits

  • Releases a heat-less, fine scented mist to stimulate the senses and create a sense of well being in your home
  • Ideal alternative to lighting a candle
  • Humidifies the air
  • Features an LED light and 4 timer settings
  • Can be used with any essential oil, depending on your mood and needs
  • Also available in a Mini Wellbeing Essential Oil Pod

The Neom Wellbeing Pod Essential Oil Diffuser is 92mm wide x 143mm high, mains operated and comes with multi-use adapters for the following countries (UK, Europe, US, Taiwan, ME, Japan, HK, Singapore and China), it also works on vibrations, so a gentle water trickling noise can be heard when in use. 

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How to use Neom Wellbeing Essential Oil Diffuser

  1. Fill the diffuser tank with 100ml of cold water
  2. Choose your essential oil, we recommend Neom Scent to De-Stress Essential Oil Blend or Neom Wellbeing Essential Oil Blends x 4, and add up to 10 drops
  3. Place the cover back on, and turn the diffuser on
  4. Use the timer to set a continuous, one, two or three hour mist
  5. A heat-less fine mist will then begin to scent your room
  6. Once the water runs low, rinse out to remove oil residue and wipe away excess water before next use

About Neom

Founded by Nicola Elliot, Neom has been created with 100% natural fragrances designed to boost your well being. With a vast product range including bath and body, home fragrance and skincare, their formulations and ingredients are ethically sourced, free from harsh chemicals, and made with 100% natural fragrances. 

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