Neom White Jade Facial Roller

Product ID: 7940

About Neom White Jade Facial Roller

Make time to care for your skin with this white jade facial roller.

Designed to be rolled across the skin to promote lymphatic draining smooth, boost radiance, de-puff, cool and calm, it helps to transform tired, fatigued and sagging skin. Featuring one crystal textured end, and a smoother crystal end, it can be used across the whole face, targeting specific areas. Also great for de-puffing around the eyes, softening frown lines, relieving tension in the face and skin and soothing the temples. Keep in the fridge or an extra cooling experience. Ideal for refining, toning and smoothing all skin types.

Key benefits

  • Jade roller for the face
  • Encourages lymphatic drainage 
  • Calms redness
  • Reduces puffiness and fatigue
  • Smooths and soothes the skin
  • Promotes radiance 
  • Can be applied with or without product on the skin
  • Can be added to the fridge for a cooling effect
  • Dual ended, smooth and textured

How to use Neom White Jade Facial Roller

  1. Use on clean, dry skin, or after applying a facial oil
  2. Using both textured and smooth ends, roll from the center of the face outwards
  3. Roll from the center of the chin above the jaw line to the ears
  4. Roll from the center of the upper lip underneath the nose to the cheek bones and ears
  5. Roll gently under the eyes and across to the temples
  6. Use the smooth side and small strokes between the eyes to smooth the frown
  7. Use both ends to smooth across the forehead
  8. Can be used morning and evening
  9. Can also be left in the fridge for a cooling effect