REN Clean Screen Mineral SPF30

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About REN Clean Screen Mineral SPF30

This mattifying mineral sunscreen offers daily broad spectrum protection against UVA & UVB, blue light and free radicals without clogging pores or irritating the skin. The non-nano mineral filters provide a physical protective barrier while still being gentle on even sensitive skin, as antioxidant-rich passion fruit extract keeps pollution and irritation flare-ups at bay. 

Unlike some other suncare, the make-up friendly formula allows the cream to absorb quickly thanks to the addition of silky rice starch which create a matte finish by absorbing oil and reducing the appearance of pores.

Clean to the planet as well as your skin, the vegan friendly formula contains no silicone or oxybenzone, while the tube is made from 50% recycled plastic (and the cap 100%) designed so that it can be recycled all over again. 

Made using 99% natural ingredients. 

Why is using an SPF daily important?

We all know to wear sun protection on holiday but daily protection is essential to prevent the premature signs of ageing caused by the sun. We often get lured into a false sense of security on cloudy or cold days, or the too heavy and greasy formulas put us off taking this vital skincare step but it could be your secret to keep your complexion looking younger for longer. 

  • UVA - Penetrates deep into the skin causing fine lines and wrinkles
  • UVB - Responsible for sunburn and redness.



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