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About This Works Sleep Power Recharge Mask

Rejuvenate and boost your complexion anytime of the day with this Sleep Power Recharge Mask. 

This bright blue mask mimics the results of a good night sleep. The unique formula of fruit acids, prickly pear extract and amino acids smooth the skin and help boost cell production, whilst the natural clay helps detoxify. Hyaluronic acid has been added to hydrate and plump the skin, rejuvenating the complexion. 

This re-energising mask will leave you feeling refreshed and transform lacklustre complexions, even if you haven't managed to catch your 40 winks.

Directions For Use

Switch nozzle to “ON” and gently squeeze the tube to release product. Place a towel over your pillow to avoid transfer of the mask. Brush over face and neck in an even layer and leave for 30 minutes,

Tip: For maximum skin and well-being benefits enjoy a 20 minute power nap before rinsing off the mask.