Tweezerman Ingrown Hair/Splintertweeze

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About Tweezerman Ingrown Hair/Splintertweeze

Ultra-sharp, elongated points for removal of ingrown hairs, splinters, thorns, glass or metal particles. Surgical quality stainless steel.

Directions For Use

Clean the impaled area with soap and water, dip the tweezers in alcohol to sterilize, grip splinter with needle points of the tweezer and back it out gently. After working, disinfect area with hydrogen peroxide. If dirt is involved, consult doctor regarding tetanus. To remove ingrown hairs, use one tip of the tweezers to spring out the hair. Then tweeze it in the direction of hair growth.

Tweezerman Ingrown Hair/Splintertweeze Reviews


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    Posted by A beauty lover on 22nd Aug 2016

    Still not sharp enough for me.

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    A 5 star review

    Posted by A beauty lover on 28th Mar 2013

    I'd never used tweezers for ingrown hairs before, but these are fantastic! I don't know how I managed before I got them. If you have a lot of ingrown hairs I'd say splurge on these because I use mine all the time. Be careful not to poke too much as they are really sharp though!

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    A 3 star review

    Posted by Rosa Maria from Madrid on 16th Nov 2011

    I love the tweezerman products, and my favorite so far is the classic slant tweezer of this brand. I thought this will be even pointed, and I don`t find easy to work with them and take out the hairs I want.