One of the bestselling anti-cellulite brands in the world, Guam promises smoother, more toned skin after the first application. By harvesting young seaweed from the pacific island of Guam and air drying it immediately, the detoxifying nutrients are preserved and infused into the highly effective, patented formulas that women across the world have come to rely on.

After 30 years Guam's signature Anti-Cellulite Seaweed remains a leader in the treatment of the root cause of cellulite. With a wide selection of products to meet your body sculpting needs the Guam Cellulite Seaweed Mud  is without question our customers favourite due to it's outstanding results.

Not only targeting cellulite, Guam treatments have many health and beauty benefits such as increasing circulation, draining toxins, reducing swelling and water retention and increasing skin firmness and toning.

Why we chose Guam:

  • Guam Seaweed has always been selected, harvested and processed according to traditional methods
  • Clinically proven to deliver results after the first application
  • Safe to use during pregnancy

Guam Best Sellers

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