P. F. Candle Co.

A fragrance company like no other!

Family owned and founded in 2008, P.F. believe in everyday luxury and have made it their mission to make life smell better. Incorporating an array of unique scent blends, their candles are hand poured into apothecary style amber jars, adding a home grown, effortless style to your home whilst bursting with aromatic, warming and invigorating scents.  They also donate a portion of their total net profits to charities, representing environmental advocacy, homelessness, empowering women and fighting hunger. With no formal business experience, this husband and wife led company is built on spirit, determination, passion and DIY. Try their bestselling P.F. Candle Co. No. 4 Teakwood and Tobacco.

Why we chose P.F. Candle Co.:

  • The entire range is vegan, cruelty free and phthalate free
  • Their candles are all made with 100% domestically-grown soy wax, and cotton wicks
  • All of their products are developed, produced, tested, packed and shipped by their team in Los Angeles, CA

P. F. Candle Co. Best Sellers

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