Stanley is a well-known brand that specialises in manufacturing durable and high-quality outdoor and adventure gear, best known for their thermal mugs, water bottles and food storage containers.

For over a century, Stanley has been synonymous with quality, durability and innovation. Established in 1913 by William Stanley Jr., the brand has continually evolved to meet the needs of adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.

With a relentless pursuit of excellence, Stanley continues to push the boundaries of innovation while staying true to its core values. Whether you're looking for a rugged thermos to keep coffee hot during a hike or a robust cooler for camping trips, Stanley products are built to withstand the rigors of everyday use and adventures in the great outdoors.

Why we chose Stanley:

  • Their design principles prioritise functionality and durability
  • They offer a wide range of styles and products for all activities
  • The products are created and manufactured to last a lifetime

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