Guam Upker Luminosita Cream - No Rinse

Product ID: 7552

About Guam Upker Luminosita Cream - No Rinse

Illuminate and revitslise dull hair with this leave in spray conditioner, designed to boost shine and radiance.

Ideal for all hair types, but particularly coloured, highlighted or dry hair, it features a reflective film which helps to illuminate and restore the hair's natural shine. Infused with softening aloe vera and extracts of undaria pinnatifida, fucus and laminaria seaweed, all known to boost keratin and strengthen the hair, along with vitamins C, E and F, and a sun filter which protects the hair against environmental aggressors that can make the hair dull and lifeless. Ideal for spraying into freshly washed hair, it can be combed through, and used before blow drying to promote elasticity, add bounce and shine. 

Key benefits

  • Illuminates and promotes shine
  • Adds a natural glossy finish to the hair
  • Enhances hair colour
  • Protects against environmental damage
  • Contains a solar filter
  • Ideal for dull, coloured and highlighted hair 
  • Enriched with aloe vera and seaweed extract
  • Promotes keratin production
  • Restores bounce and elasticity
  • Leave in spray 
  • Paraben free

How to use Guam Upker Luminosita Cream - No Rinse

  1. Apply to clean, wet hair 
  2. Sprat from root to tip
  3. Distribute with a comb
  4. Brush and blow dry
  5. Do not rinse out