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About imix miXer's x 20

This pack of 20 IMIX miXer's are designed to be used with the imix Polish Mixer

Designed to reduce separation, distribute colour, remove air bubbles and reduce waste, so you can get more colour and product out of your bottle. Easy to remove and cleaned with acetone once the bottle is finished, the miXer's are ideal for nail and beauty stations!

To use, simply add one miXer into a bottle of gel or traditional polish and replace the brush or lid and blend with the IMIX Polish Mixer. For best results, leave the miXer inside the bottle until the bottle is empty. 

Key benefits

  • Nail polish mixer
  • Designed to be used with the IMIX Polish Mixer
  • Improves polish consistency
  • Removes air bubbles 
  • Reduces waste
  • Prolongs use of your nail polish
  • Great for nail salons and stations
  • Features a pack of 20
  • Washable, and re-useable

How to use imix Polish Mixer & miXer's 

  1. Insert a miXer into your polish bottle and replace the brush/tighten the lid
  2. Give the bottle a quick shake and place the bottle into the imix Polish Mixer
  3. Press the button for the standard 5 minute mix time
  4. Older polishes may take 2-3 mix cycles
  5. For best results, leave the miXer in the bottle until fully uses
  6. The miXer's can be easily removed from the bottles, cleaned with acetone and re-used

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