imix Polish Mixer

Product ID: 8105

About imix Polish Mixer

An innovative, hands-free tool to mix gel nail polish and lacquer formulas. 

Using magnetic mixing technology, this handy, easy to use tool improves consistency, blends colour, removes air bubbles and reduces wasted product. Small, and quiet, it's the perfect addition to every beauty station. Say goodbye to shaking, separation and thickening, IMIX mixes your polishes so colour is evenly distributed and you get more out of your bottle!

Wave goodbye to the stress and strains of shaking! This hands-free mixing device has been designed to look after the health of your wrists whilst saving you time. imix is inclusive! It works with ANY polish formula, giving life to old bottles.

Key benefits

  • Nail polish mixer
  • Hands-free
  • Maintains consistency in the bottle
  • Reduces wasted nail polish
  • Stops separation
  • Removes air bubbles
  • Helps prolong the usage on each bottle
  • Quiet and compact
  • Great for nail salons and beauty stations
  • Suitable for use with ANY nail polish
  • Features a programmed LED light display
  • USB charger included

How to use imix Polish Mixer

  1. Insert a miXer into your polish bottle and replace the brush/tighten the lid
  2. Give the bottle a quick shake and place the bottle into the imix
  3. Press the button for the standard 5 minute mix time
  4. Older polishes may take 2-3 mix cycles
  5. For best results, leave the miXer in the bottle until fully used
  6. The miXer's can be easily removed from the bottles, cleaned with acetone and re-used

imix Functions

  • Press and hold the function button for 2 seconds, until imix flashes orange twice
  • You can now choose your own colour or range of colours. imix will cycle slowly through all colours
  • See instructions for more details