Joico Color Balance BLUE Conditioner

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3 for 2
Hair type:
Dry hair
Hair Concern:
Colour fade and protection
Plastic bottle
Suitable for:
Wash out colour
3 for 2
3 for 2
Product ID: 1054

About Joico Color Balance BLUE Conditioner

Formulated for naturally dark brunette hair with salon highlights, this colour balancing shampoo from Joico is enriched with blue tones to neutralise orange and eliminate that brassy look in coloured hair. Perfect for dip-dyed or ombré dark hair with light tones.

This rich conditioner gets to work infusing the hair with moisture, while the colour-correcting blue tones ensures your hair stays looking good inbetween salon trips. Joico's bio-advanced peptide complex repairs the hair from root to tip, battling frizz and enhancing shine.

Directions For Use

Massage into freshly washed hair; leave on for one-to-three minutes, then rinse. Gentle enough to use daily.

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